2013 Seminar Archives

1/23/13 Seminar – EHRs and Quality Improvement: Optimizing Effect (Samuel Cykert, MD)

1/30/13 Seminar – Re-considering Data Quality in Healthcare and Health-related Research (Meredith Nahm, PhD)

2/6/13 Seminar – Schumpeter’s Gale: How Social Trends, Consumer Electronics, and the Liberation of Data are Forcing Change in Healthcare (Robert Furberg, PhD, MBA)

2/13/13 Seminar – Geospatially Enabling Duke’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (Sohayla Pruitt, MA)

2/20/13 Seminar – A Cybersecurity Primer for Health Informaticians (Michael Shoffner)

2/27/13 Seminar – Integrative Use of Health Information for Informed Decision Making for Health Policy (Dohyeong Kim, PhD)

3/6/13 Seminar – Information Security Management – Corralling Mobile Data Before It Escapes! (James Murphy)

3/20/13 Seminar – Beacon Community Projects: Public Health Innovations in Health Informatics Technology (John Graham, PhD, PMP)

3/27/13 Seminar – Planning for mHealth in a Low Income Country – Challenges in Guatemala (Patricia Abbott, PhD)

4/3/13 Seminar – Healthcare as a Complex System (Mirsad Hadzikadic, PhD)

4/10/13 Seminar – Improving Care Transitions for Complex Patients Through Decision Support (Eric Eisenstein, DBA)


 4/17/13 Seminar – Clinical Intelligence (Vikas Chowdhry w/Epic Healthcare)

8/28/13 Seminar – Process and Progress: Standard Data Elements (Meredith Nahm, PhD)

9/4/13 Seminar – How to Make Healthcare IT More Useful to Clinicians and Meaningful for Clinical Care (Ross Koppel, PhD, FACMI)

 9/11/13 Seminar – Understanding Healthcare Enterprise Architecture & Interoperability (and Why You Should Care) (Kenneth Rubin)

9/18/13 Seminar – Characteristics of Retracted Open Access Biomedical Literature in PubMed: A Bibliographic Analysis (Gabriel Peterson, PhD)

9/25/13 Seminar – Practical Health Workforce Informatics in Low-Resource Settings (Carl Leitner, PhD)

 10/2/13 Seminar – Genetic Variation and Its Contribution to Human Health (Xinghua Mindy Shi, PhD)

10/9/13 Seminar – Current State of Clinical Research Standard Initiatives (Anita Walden)

10/16/13 Seminar – Determining Community Health Status Priorities in an OLAP Environment (James Studnicki, ScD, MBA, MPH)

10/23/13 Seminar – Mobile Contingency Management (mCM) as an Adjunctive Smoking Cessation Treatment for Smokers with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Jean Beckham, PhD)

10/30/13 Seminar – Nursing Curriculum Integration and Health Informatics Research in Simulation Lab (Angeline D. Baker, RN, BSN, MHA, MBA and Deborah Swain, PhD)

11/6/13 Seminar – Imaging Informatics in Cardiovascular Population Research (Yaorong Ge, PhD)

11/13/13 Seminar – Beyond Relational: A Database Architecture for Clinical Data Management (Ray Hylock, PhD)