2011 Seminar Archives

9/28/11 Seminar – Building an Open Source Clinical Decision Support System (Ashraf Farrag, MS; Carlton Moore, MD, MS; Richard Medlin, MD)

9/21/11 Seminar – Connecting Clinical Informatics and Cancer Outcomes Research (Adrian Meyer, MS)

9/14/11 Seminar – The March to Health Information Exchange for Meaningful Use: Technology and Policy Considerations for Participants (Holt Anderson)

9/7/11 Seminar – Visual Data Analysis: From Scientific Visualization to Visual Analytics (Rachael Brady)

4/20/11 Seminar – Military Health Systems (MHS): An Overview of Critical Clinical Information Exchange Solutions (David Parker, MD)

4/13/11 Seminar – Epi-Informatics Research on Electronic Health Record Data: Discovering Patterns of ‘Real World’ Care in Breast Cancer (Amar Das, MD, PhD)

4/6/11 Seminar – Role of Social Networks in Teaching and Research (Constance M. Johnson, PhD, MS, RN)

3/30/11 Seminar – Personal Health Records: Their Role and Purpose in People’s Lives (Barbara Wildemuth and Kaitlin Costello)

3/23/11 Seminar – Omic Data in Clinical Research (Jessica Tenenbaum, PhD)

3/16/11 Seminar – Social Network Analysis of Public Health Personnel during H1N1 (Stephanie W. Haas, PhD)

3/2/11 Seminar – Meeting Clinician Information Needs with Online Knowledge Resources (Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD)

2/3/11 Seminar- Use of Qualitative Methods to Support HIT Design (Melanie C. Wright, PhD)

2/16/11 Seminar – Payers, Providers, and Pharma (Vipul Kashyap, PhD)

2/9/11 Seminar – Five Years of Health Information Exchange: The Vanderbilt Experience in Memphis (Mark Frisse, MD, MS, MBA)

2/2/11 Seminar – The Beacon Project: Will HIT Improve Healthcare Quality and Reduce Cost? (Carlton Moore, MD, MS)

1/26/11 Seminar – The National Cardiovascular Research Infrastructure and Cardiology Data Standards Projects (Brian McCourt)

1/19/11 Seminar – Duke Patient Portal Demonstration (Jeff Saville, RN, BS, CPHIMS)

1/12/11 Seminar – Fall Prevention in Hospitals: Results of a Randomized Trial (Patricia Dykes, DNSc, RN)