Call for papers for PSB 2018 Workshop


Submission deadline: August 1, 2017


Following last year’s workshop on “Open Data for Discovery Science”, as well as the inaugural Research Parasite Award ceremony ( at PSB, a session is planned to address best practices, lessons learned, and the need for both technical and policy innovation for sharing of health data for translational research.

At this time, paper submissions are welcomed for this session that address the following areas:

  • The creation, verification and validation of tools and methods for sharing, discovery, and analysis of open health data.
  • The conduct of discovery science in data-intensive experimental contexts that leverage such open health data resources across scales from molecules to patient to populations
  • The interaction of multidisciplinary computational, biology, clinical, and population health science teams to conduct research that serves to identify policy, technical, and socio-cultural needs.

For more information, see the Stanford University website

Meeting date and location: January 3-7, 2018 – The Big Island of Hawaii